Title: Art Loans, Author: Norman Palmer
Title: The Marketplace of Ideas: 20 Years of Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal: 20 Years of Cardozo Arts and Entertainment Law Journal, Author: Peter K. Yu
Title: Art Law: Cases and Materials / Edition 2, Author: Leonard D. DuBoff
Title: Unveräußerliches Kulturgut im nationalen und internationalen Rechtsverkehr, Author: Marc Weber
Title: Illicit Antiquities: The Theft of Culture and the Extinction of Archaeology / Edition 1, Author: Neil Brodie
Title: The Sale of Misattributed Artworks and Antiques at Auction: Second Edition, Author: Anne L. Bandle Pre-Order Now
Title: Legal Culture in the United States: An Introduction / Edition 1, Author: Kirk Junker
Title: The Scene of Violence: Cinema, Crime, Affect, Author: Alison Young
Title: Copyright and the Music Marketplace : Analysis, Challenges, and Recommendations for Improvement, Author: Keith Turner
Title: Cultural Heritage Issues: The Legacy of Conquest, Colonization and Commerce, Author: James A.R. Nafziger
Title: Entertainment Law / Edition 1, Author: Leah K Edwards
Title: Resolution of Cultural Property Disputes, Author: The International Bureau of the Permanent Court of Arbitration
Title: Genealogies of Legal Vision, Author: Peter Goodrich
Title: Policy and Law in Heritage Conservation, Author: Robert Pickard
Title: A Guide to Copyright for Museums and Galleries, Author: Anna Booy
Title: Piracy in Qumran: The Battle Over the Scrolls of the Pre-Christ Era, Author: Raphael Israeli
Title: Media Law: A User's Guide for Film and Programme Makers / Edition 1, Author: Rhonda Baker
Title: Media Law for Producers / Edition 4, Author: Philip Miller
Title: New Frontiers of Intellectual Property Law: IP and Cultural Heritage - Geographical Indications - Enforcement - Overprotection, Author: Christopher Heath
Title: Heritage Resources Law: Protecting the Archeological and Cultural Environment / Edition 1, Author: National Trust for Historic Preservation

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