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Title: The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and the Rise of Modern Finance, Author: Ron Chernow
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Title: End The Fed, Author: Ron Paul
Title: Fool's Gold: The Inside Story of J.P. Morgan and How Wall St. Greed Corrupted Its Bold Dream and Created a Financial Catastrophe, Author: Gillian Tett
Title: Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction, Author: David Enrich
Title: Fed Up: An Insider's Take on Why the Federal Reserve is Bad for America, Author: Danielle DiMartino Booth
Title: Banker To The Poor: Micro-Lending and the Battle Against World Poverty, Author: Muhammad Yunus
Title: Crash of the Titans: Greed, Hubris, the Fall of Merrill Lynch, and the Near-Collapse of Bank of America, Author: Greg Farrell
Title: A History of the Federal Reserve, Volume 2, Book 2, 1970-1986, Author: Allan H. Meltzer
Title: A History of the Federal Reserve, Volume 1: 1913-1951, Author: Allan H. Meltzer
Title: Secrets of the Temple: How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country, Author: William Greider
Title: Last Man Standing: The Ascent of Jamie Dimon and JPMorgan Chase, Author: Duff McDonald
Title: The Outlaw Bank: A Wild Ride Into the Secret Heart of Bcci, Author: Jonathan Beaty
Title: America's Bank: The Epic Struggle to Create the Federal Reserve, Author: Roger Lowenstein
Title: Funny Money, Author: Mark Singer
Title: Invest with the Fed: Maximizing Portfolio Performance by Following Federal Reserve Policy, Author: Luis Garcia-Feijoo
Title: Full Faith and Credit: The Great S & L Debacle and Other Washington Sagas, Author: L William Seidman
Title: Under Cover for Wells Fargo: The Unvarnished Recollections of Fred Dodge, Author: Fred Dodge
Title: Wells Fargo, Author: Dr. Robert J. Chandler
Title: Stagecoach: Wells Fargo and the American West, Author: Philip L. Fradkin
Title: Monetary Policy: Goals, Institutions, Strategies, and Instruments, Author: Peter Bofinger

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