Title: Queer Screen: A Screen Reader / Edition 1, Author: Jackie Stacey
Title: Experts in Action: Transnational Hong Kong-Style Stunt Work and Performance, Author: Lauren Steimer
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Title: Ingmar Bergman's Face to Face, Author: Michael Tapper
Title: The New Latin American Cinema: A Continental Project / Edition 1, Author: Zuzana M. Pick
Title: Hillbillyland: What the Movies Did to the Mountains and What the Mountains Did to the Movies, Author: J. W. Williamson
Title: The Late Films of Claude Chabrol: Genre, Visual Expressionism and Narrational Ambiguity, Author: Jacob Leigh
Title: Raymond Chandler in Hollywood / Edition 1, Author: Al Clark
Title: Dreaming of Fred and Ginger: Cinema and Cultural Memory, Author: Annette Kuhn
Title: Limit Cinema: Transgression and the Nonhuman in Contemporary Global Film, Author: Chelsea Birks
Title: Experimental Filmmaking and Punk: Feminist Audio Visual Culture in the 1970s and 1980s, Author: Rachel Garfield
Title: Scenes in the City: Film Visions of Manhattan Before 9/11 / Edition 1, Author: David I. Grossvogel
Title: The Cinema of Michael Mann, Author: Steven Rybin
Title: Direct Cinema: Observational Documentary and the Politics of the Sixties, Author: Dave Saunders
Title: Monsters in the Machine: Science Fiction Film and the Militarization of America after World War II, Author: Steffen Hantke
Title: Electric Pictures: A Guide to the Films, Film-Makers & Cinemas of Worthing & Shoreham, Author: Ellen Cheshire
Title: After the Silents: Hollywood Film Music in the Early Sound Era, 1926-1934, Author: Michael Slowik
Title: Charlie Kaufman and Hollywood's Merry Band of Pranksters, Fabulists and Dreamers: An Excursion Into the American New Wave, Author: Derek Hill
Title: US Youth Films and Popular Music: Identity, Genre, and Musical Agency / Edition 1, Author: Tim McNelis
Title: Michael Haneke, Author: Peter Brunette
Title: Movies at Home: How Hollywood Came to Television, Author: Kerry Segrave

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