Title: Matebranded: A Werewolf Romantic Urban Fantasy, Author: Aimee Easterling
#1 in Series
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Title: Ink Witch: An Egyptian Mythology Urban Fantasy, Author: Lindsey Sparks
Title: The Wisp and the Wolf, Author: Jeanne Renee
Title: Prey No More, Author: Stevi Mager
Title: Triple Moon: Honey Gold and Wild: Paranormal Witch Mystery, Author: Tj Green Pre-Order Now
Title: Valhalla, Author: David Prina
Title: City Of The Forgotten, Author: Laura Greenwood Pre-Order Now
Title: The Blood-Born Dragon, Author: J. C. Rycroft
Title: Of Faith & Flame: The Prophecy of Sorin Trilogy, Author: C.C. Tyler
Title: Sacred Magic: Paranormal Mystery, Author: Tj Green Pre-Order Now
Title: Of Stars and Tides, Author: Locklyn Blake
Title: A Crown of Ash & Silver, Author: B. C. Fajohn
Title: The Hellhound Growl, Author: Arizona Tape Pre-Order Now
Title: Goddess Of The East, Author: Laura Greenwood Pre-Order Now
Title: Waking the Fire, Author: Amy Cissell Pre-Order Now
Title: The Guardian's Choice, Author: L. M. Hatchell Pre-Order Now
Title: 3 Minutes to Midnight: Urban Fantasy Midnight Trilogy Book 1, Author: L. M. Hatchell
Title: Awakened Princess, Author: Laura Greenwood
#1 in Series
Title: Empire of Light: A Dark Fantasy Romance, Author: K. J. Jackson
Title: Echo in Time: An Egyptian Mythology Paranormal Romance, Author: Lindsey Sparks

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