Title: International Dictionary of Films and Filmmakers: Films / Edition 4, Author: Gale
Title: The Ultimate Directory of Silent and Sound Era Performers: A Necrology of Actors and Actresses, Author: Billy H. Doyle
Title: Diddy's Personal Stylist Consult With Derek Roche: Diddy's Digital Stylist, Author: Mandy Miller
Title: Cassie Nordstrom Is Sex Trafficking, Author: London Society
Title: Patrick Mahomes Fashion Consult with Derek Roche, Author: Malibu Sunrise
Title: No Thanks Diddy From Howard University, Author: Mandy Miller
Title: Happy Father's Day To You Diddy: Praise God In All Circumstances, Author: Mandy Miller
Title: Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce Givenchy Consult with Derek Roche: Kansas City Chiefs, Author: Mandy Miller
Title: Diddy & Wyoming White Water Rafting: A Kate Spade Bag Summer, Author: Mandy Miller
Title: Derek Roche Virtual Style Consult for Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift Wants Fans to Wear This, Author: Mandy Miller
Title: Alain Delon: Style, Stardom and Masculinity, Author: Nick Rees-Roberts
Title: Diddy, Nordstrom Is Involved In Sex Trafficking Store Clerks, Author: Mandy Miller
Title: Fan Cultures / Edition 1, Author: Matthew Hills
Title: A Year with the Producers: One Actor's Exhausting (But Worth It) Journey from Cats to Mel Brooks' Mega-Hit, Author: Jeffry Denman
Title: Lydia Thompson: Queen of Burlesque / Edition 1, Author: Kurt Ganzl
Title: Charlie Chaplin: A Political Biography from Victorian Britain to Modern America, Author: Richard Carr
Title: Actors and Audiences: Conversations in the Electric Air / Edition 1, Author: Caroline Heim
Title: From the Shtetl to the Stage: The Odyssey of a Wandering Actor, Author: Alexander Granach
Title: The Path Of The Actor / Edition 1, Author: Michael Chekhov
Title: The Actress: Hollywood Acting and the Female Star, Author: Karen Hollinger

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