Title: The Trigger: Hunting the Assassin Who Brought the World to War, Author: Tim Butcher
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Title: Saving My Assassin, Author: Virginia Prodan
Title: The Seamstress, Author: Sara Tuval Bernstein
Title: To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia, Author: Michael Parenti
Title: Balkan Ghosts: A Journey through History, Author: Robert D. Kaplan
Title: Zlata's Diary: A Child's Life in Wartime Sarajevo: Revised Edition, Author: Zlata Filipovic
Title: To the Lake: A Balkan Journey of War and Peace, Author: Kapka Kassabova
Title: My War Gone By, I Miss It So, Author: Anthony Loyd
Title: My War Criminal: Personal Encounters with an Architect of Genocide, Author: Jessica Stern
Title: Hearts Grown Brutal: Sagas of Sarajevo, Author: Roger Cohen
Title: The Balkans: A Short History, Author: Mark Mazower
Title: In Europe's Shadow: Two Cold Wars and a Thirty-Year Journey Through Romania and Beyond, Author: Robert D. Kaplan
Title: Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation, Author: Laura Silber
Title: The Balkans in World History, Author: Andrew Baruch Wachtel
Title: Agents of Empire: Knights, Corsairs, Jesuits, and Spies in the Sixteenth-Century Mediterranean World, Author: Noel Malcolm
Title: To End a War: The Conflict in Yugoslavia--America's Inside Story--Negotiating with Milosevic, Author: Richard Holbrooke
Title: War in a Time of Peace: Bush, Clinton, and the Generals, Author: David Halberstam
Title: Safe Area Gorazde: The War in Eastern Bosnia 1992-1995, Author: Joe Sacco
Title: War Hospital: A True Story Of Surgery And Survival, Author: Sheri Lee Fink
Title: The Balkan Wars, Author: Andre Gerolymatos

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