Title: Inside Delta Force: The Story of America's Elite Counterterrorist Unit, Author: Eric Haney;
Title: Ten Hours Until Dawn: The True Story of Heroism and Tragedy Aboard the Can Do, Author: Michael J. Tougias
Title: Molly, by Golly!: The Legend of Molly Williams, America's First Female Firefighter, Author: Dianne Ochiltree
Title: Fire in Their Eyes: Wildfires and the People Who Fight Them, Author: Karen Magnuson Beil
Title: Ballistics, Author: Andrew A. Kling
Title: Police Drones, Author: Daniel R. Faust
Title: The 9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, Author: Thomas Kean
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Title: The Right to Bear Arms: Rights and Liberties under the Law, Author: Robert J. Spitzer
Title: Women in Blue: 16 Brave Officers, Forensics Experts, Police Chiefs, and More, Author: Cheryl Mullenbach
Title: Lincoln's Spymaster: Allan Pinkerton, America's First Private Eye, Author: Samantha Seiple
Title: Crime Lab, Author: Colin Evans
Title: SWAT Madness and the Militarization of the American Police: A National Dilemma, Author: James Daniel Fisher
Title: World Health Organization, Author: Deborah A. Grahame
Title: Legalizing Drugs, Author: Meryl Loonin
Title: Gun Violence, Author: Ellen C. Scherer
Title: Eliminate the Threat of Nuclear Terror (Real-World Stem Series), Author: Bradley Steffens
Title: Great Escapes and Rescues: An Encyclopedia, Author: Roger Howard
Title: Health Care Policy and Politics A to Z / Edition 3, Author: Julie Rovner
Title: Careers as a Medical Examiner, Author: Corona Brezina
Title: What Should I Do? Near a Busy Street, Author: Wil Mara

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