Title: Encyclopedia of Forensic Sciences, Author: Jay A. Siegel
Title: Atlas of Forensic Pathology: For Police, Forensic Scientists, Attorneys, and Death Investigators / Edition 1, Author: Joseph A. Prahlow
Title: Alliances: Strategies For Building Integrated Delivery Systems / Edition 1, Author: Douglas Goldstein
Title: Economics of Health Law, Author: Ronen Avraham
Title: WS HDBK GLOBAL HEALTH ECO ..(3V): (A 3-Volume Set), Author: Richard M Scheffler
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Title: The Economics of Natural Hazards, Author: Howard Kunreuther
Title: Privacy Law, Author: Blaze D. Waleski
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Title: Fraud: Organization, Motivation and Control, Volumes I and II: Volume I The Extent and Causes of White-Collar Crime Volume II The Social, Administrative and Criminal Control of Fraud / Edition 1, Author: Michael Levi
Title: health policy, Author: James W. Björkman
Title: Quality of Life after Open Heart Surgery, Author: P.J. Walter
Title: Disaster Law, Author: Daniel A. Farber
Title: Radiology of the Chest and Related Conditions, Author: F W Wright
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Title: Disaster Planning, Structural Assessment, Demolition and Recycling, Author: E.K. Lauritzen
Title: Global Health / Edition 1, Author: John J. Kirton
Title: Mental Capital and Wellbeing / Edition 1, Author: Cary Cooper
Title: Handbook of Drug Interactions: A Clinical and Forensic Guide / Edition 2, Author: Ashraf Mozayani
Title: Forensic Neuropathology and Associated Neurology / Edition 1, Author: Manfred Oehmichen
Title: Emergency Research Ethics: Volume IV / Edition 1, Author: A.M. Viens
Title: EU Justice and Home Affairs Law, Author: Steve Peers
Title: Hurricane Andrew: Ethnicity, Gender and the Sociology of Disasters / Edition 1, Author: Walter Gillis Peacock

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