Title: Face Off (LEGO Star Wars), Author: Arie Kaplan
Title: The Book of Wizard Magic: In Which the Apprentice Finds Marvelous Magic Tricks, Mystifying Illusions & Astonishing Tales, Author: Sterling Publishing Co.
Title: Project Kid: 100 Ingenious Crafts for Family Fun, Author: Amanda Kingloff
Title: Making Books with Kids: 25 Paper Projects to Fold, Sew, Paste, Pop, and Draw, Author: Esther K. Smith
Title: Ready-to-Use Celtic Designs: 96 Different Royalty-Free Designs Printed One Side, Author: Mallory Pearce
Title: The Kids' Building Workshop: 15 Woodworking Projects for Kids and Parents to Build Together, Author: Barbara Robertson
Title: Realistic Butterfly Stickers, Author: Jan Sovak
Title: LEGO Star Wars: Chronicles of the Force, Author: Adam Bray
Title: Magical Forest Fairy Crafts Through the Seasons: Make 25 Enchanting Forest Fairies, Gnomes & More from Simple Supplies, Author: Lenka Vodicka-Paredes
Title: The Book of Wizard Parties: In Which the Wizard Shares the Secrets of Creating Enchanted Gatherings, Author: Sterling Publishing Co.
Title: Dragons Stickers, Author: Dianne Gaspas-Ettl
Title: The Big Book of Balloon Art: More Than 100 Fun Sculptures, Author: Gerry Giovinco
Title: Origami Flowers, Author: James Minoru Sakoda
Title: Origami Activities for Kids: Discover the Magic of Japanese Paper Folding, Learn to Fold Your Own Origami Models (Includes 8 Folding Papers), Author: Michael G. LaFosse
Title: Rubber Band Bracelet Fun, Author: Julie Rudinski
Title: Heroes of the Bible, Author: Tyndale
Title: Story-gami Kit Ebook: Create Origami Using Folding Stories: Origami Book with 18 Fun Projects and Downloadable Video Instructions, Author: Michael G. LaFosse
NOOK Book $8.49 $9.99 Current price is $8.49, Original price is $9.99.
Title: Medieval LEGO, Author: Greyson Beights
Title: Sewing School ® Quilts: 15 Projects Kids Will Love to Make; Stitch Up a Patchwork Pet, Scrappy Journal, T-Shirt Quilt, and More, Author: Amie Petronis Plumley
NOOK Book $11.99 $15.95 Current price is $11.99, Original price is $15.95.
Title: Explore Norse Myths!: With 25 Great Projects, Author: Anita Yasuda

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