Title: Python For Kids For Dummies, Author: Brendan Scott
Title: 10 Cool Lego Mindstorm Robotics Invention System 2 Projects: Amazing Projects You Can Build in Under an Hour, Author: Syngress
Title: Minecraft Modding For Kids For Dummies, Author: Sarah Guthals
Title: Coding iPhone Apps for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Swift, Author: Gloria Winquist
Title: Scratch For Kids For Dummies, Author: Derek Breen
Title: Modern Leatherwork for Makers: Traditional Craft Techniques Meet CNC and 3D Printing, Author: Tim Deagan
Title: Learn to Program with Small Basic: An Introduction to Programming with Games, Art, Science, and Math, Author: Majed Marji
Title: Cool Careers Without College for People Who Love Coding, Author: Asher Powell
Title: Frequently Asked Questions about Puberty, Author: Ann Byers
Title: How Does a Network Work?, Author: Matt Anniss
Title: QlikView for Enterprises: A Practitioner's Reference, Author: Mahashree Rajendran
Title: Why Are There So Many Programming Languages?, Author: Patricia Harris
Title: Making Curriculum Pop: Developing Literacies in All Content Areas, Author: Pam Goble Ed.D.
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Title: Minecraft Modding with Forge: A Family-Friendly Guide to Building Fun Mods in Java, Author: Arun Gupta
Title: Web Hosting and Web Site Development: A Guide to Opportunities, Author: Matthew Drouin
Title: Internet and Problem-Based Learning: Developing Solutions Through the Web (Ages 11-18), Author: William Stepien
Title: Reed Hastings and Netflix, Author: Corinne Grinapol
Title: Computers, Author: Steve Parker
Title: Problem-Based Learning With the Internet Grades 3-6, Author: William Stepien
Title: Social Studies Discoveries on the Net: An Integrated Approach, Author: Anthony D. Fredericks

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