Title: Minecraft: Stories from the Overworld (Graphic Novel), Author: Hope Larson
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Title: Dear Justice League, Author: Michael Northrop
Title: Tree Mail, Author: Brian Smith
Title: Trollhunters: The Secret History of Trollkind, Author: Dreamworks
Title: Mouse Guard: Baldwin the Brave and Other Tales, Author: David Petersen
Title: The Last Dragon, Author: Jane Yolen
Title: Adventures of Spider-Man: Sinister Intentions, Author: Nel Yomtov
Title: The Complete Angel Catbird, Author: Margaret Atwood
Title: Moomin and Family Life, Author: Tove Jansson
Title: Puss in Boots, Author: Charles Perrault
Title: Angel Catbird Volume 3: The Catbird Roars (Graphic Novel), Author: Margaret Atwood
Title: B&V Friends Double Digest #277, Author: Archie Superstars
Title: Feathers, Author: Jorge Corona
Title: Angel Catbird Volume 2: To Castle Catula (Graphic Novel), Author: Margaret Atwood
Title: Keeping My Hope, Author: Christopher Huh
Title: Woman in the Mirror, Author: John Rap
Title: Poppy and the Lost Lagoon, Author: Matt Kindt
Title: Mirco y el misterio de la luna, Author: A. J. Fernández López
Title: Mik Murdoch: Crisis of Conscience, Author: Michell Plested
Title: Mäuse-Weihnacht: Spannende Weihnachtsgeschichte in 25 Reimen, Author: Anett Kölpin

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