Title: Bearing False Witness: Debunking Centuries of Anti-Catholic History, Author: Rodney Stark
Title: City on the Ocean Sea: La Rochelle, 1530-1650: Urban Society, Religion, and Politics on the French Atlantic Frontier, Author: Kevin C. Robbins
Title: Transatlantic Anti-Catholicism: France and the United States in the Nineteenth Century, Author: T. Verhoeven
Title: Metropolitan Anxieties: On the Meaning of the Irish Catholic Adventure in Scotland, Author: Mark Boyle
Title: Antikatholizismus, Author: Manuel Borutta
Title: Mandarins and Martyrs: The Church and the Nguyen Dynasty in Early Nineteenth-Century Vietnam, Author: Jacob Ramsay
Title: The Modernity of Others: Jewish Anti-Catholicism in Germany and France, Author: Ari Joskowicz