Title: Breath of the Dragon: Breathmarked, Author: Fonda Lee Pre-Order Now
Title: Dating and Dragons, Author: Kristy Boyce Pre-Order Now
Title: While We're Young, Author: K. L. Walther Pre-Order Now
Title: Begin Again: A Novel, Author: Emma Lord
Title: The Rival: A Novel, Author: Emma Lord Pre-Order Now
Title: Better Than Revenge, Author: Kasie West Pre-Order Now
Title: And They Were Roommates, Author: Page Powars Pre-Order Now
Title: I Wish You Would, Author: Eva Des Lauriers
Title: Gradchanted, Author: Morgan Matson Pre-Order Now
Title: Gather, Author: Kenneth M. Cadow
Title: I Know What You Did Last Summer, Author: Lois Duncan-Arquette
Title: Togetha, Author: Keith F. Miller Pre-Order Now
Title: Time and Time Again, Author: Chatham Greenfield Pre-Order Now
Title: Lose You to Find Me, Author: Erik J. Brown
Title: Si él hubiera estado conmigo / If He Had Been with Me, Author: Laura Nowlin
Title: I'd Rather Burn Than Bloom, Author: Shannon C. F. Rogers
Title: Funeral Songs for Dying Girls, Author: Cherie Dimaline
Title: Hawk: City of the Dead, Author: James Patterson
Title: Don't Let It Break Your Heart, Author: Maggie Horne Pre-Order Now
Title: Charming Young Man, Author: Eliot Schrefer

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