Title: The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology, Author: Ray Kurzweil
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Title: Reactions: An Illustrated Exploration of Elements, Molecules, and Change in the Universe, Author: Theodore Gray
Title: The Universe Explained with a Cookie: What Baking Cookies Can Teach Us About Quantum Mechanics, Cosmology, Evolution, Chaos, Complexity, and More, Author: Geoff Engelstein
Title: Thermodynamic Weirdness: From Fahrenheit to Clausius, Author: Don S. Lemons
Title: Alchemy: Ancient and Modern - Being a Brief Account of the Alchemistic Doctrines, and their Relations, to Mysticism on the One Hand, and to Recent Discoveries in Physical Science on the Other Hand: Together with Some Particulars Regarding the Lives and Te, Author: H. Stanley Redgrove
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Title: The Laws of Thermodynamics: A Very Short Introduction, Author: Peter Atkins
Title: Liquid Rules: The Delightful and Dangerous Substances That Flow Through Our Lives, Author: Mark Miodownik
Title: Classic and High-Enthalpy Hypersonic Flows, Author: Joseph J.S. Shang
Title: Thin Films and Heterostructures for Oxide Electronics / Edition 1, Author: Satishchandra B. Ogale
Title: Entropy Demystified: The Second Law Reduced To Plain Common Sense (Revised Edition), Author: Arieh Ben-naim
Title: The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another, Author: Ainissa Ramirez
Title: Cook's Science: How to Unlock Flavor in 50 of our Favorite Ingredients, Author: America's Test Kitchen
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Title: Now: The Physics of Time, Author: Richard A. Muller
Title: The Free-Energy Device Handbook: A Compilation of Patents & Reports, Author: David Hatcher Childress
Title: Schaum's Outline of Physical Chemistry, Author: Clyde R. Metz
Title: Self Assembly: The Science of Things That Put Themselves Together / Edition 1, Author: John A. Pelesko
Title: Electronic Structure and the Properties of Solids: The Physics of the Chemical Bond, Author: Walter A. Harrison
Title: Physical Chemistry II Essentials, Author: Editors of REA
Title: The Nuts and Bolts: An Introduction to Chemistry: A, Author: Zachary Kubin
Title: Thermodynamics DeMYSTiFied, Author: Merle C. Potter
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