Title: Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe, Author: Theodore Gray
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Title: Periodic Table with Chemistry Formulas SparkCharts, Author: SparkNotes
Title: Molecules: The Elements and the Architecture of Everything, Author: Theodore Gray
Title: Reactions: An Illustrated Exploration of Elements, Molecules, and Change in the Universe, Author: Theodore Gray
Title: Periodic Tales: A Cultural History of the Elements, from Arsenic to Zinc, Author: Hugh Aldersey-Williams
Title: Photographic Card Deck of The Elements: With Big Beautiful Photographs of All 118 Elements in the Periodic Table, Author: Theodore Gray
Title: The Periodic Table: Its Story and Its Significance / Edition 1, Author: Eric R. Scerri
Title: Atom: Journey Across the Subatomic Cosmos, Author: Isaac Asimov
Title: Mendeleyev's Dream: The Quest for the Elements, Author: Paul Strathern
Title: The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved: How Mathematical Genius Discovered the Language of Symmetry, Author: Mario Livio
Title: The Periodic Table: A visual guide to the elements, Author: Tom Jackson
Title: Activated Charcoal: Antidote, Remedy, and Health Aid, Author: David O. Cooney
Title: Bottled Lightning: Superbatteries, Electric Cars, and the New Lithium Economy, Author: Seth Fletcher
Title: Inorganic Chemistry For Dummies, Author: Michael Matson
Title: The Elements Bible: The Definitive Guide to 350 Years of Scientific Discovery, Author: Rebecca Mileham
Title: Group Theory in the Bedroom, and Other Mathematical Diversions, Author: Brian Hayes
Title: The Newton Papers: The Strange and True Odyssey of Isaac Newton's Manuscripts, Author: Sarah Dry
Title: Adventures in Group Theory: Rubik's Cube, Merlin's Machine, and Other Mathematical Toys / Edition 2, Author: David Joyner
Title: Elements: An Illustrated History of the Periodic Table (Ponderables: 100 Breakthroughs that Changed History) Revised and Updated Edition, Author: Tom Jackson
Title: Group Theory in a Nutshell for Physicists, Author: A. Zee

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