Title: Main Street Millionaire: How to Make Extraordinary Wealth Buying Ordinary Businesses, Author: Codie Sanchez Pre-Order Now
Title: Revenge of the Tipping Point: Overstories, Superspreaders, and the Rise of Social Engineering (Signed Book), Author: Malcolm  Gladwell Pre-Order Now
Title: All in the Family: The Trumps and How We Got This Way, Author: Fred C. Trump III Pre-Order Now
Title: Play Nice: The Rise, Fall, and Future Of Blizzard Entertainment, Author: Jason Schreier Pre-Order Now
Title: On the Edge: The Art of Risking Everything, Author: Nate Silver Pre-Order Now
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Best Books of 2023
Title: Astor: The Rise and Fall of an American Fortune, Author: Anderson Cooper Pre-Order Now
Title: Feel-Good Finance: Untangle Your Relationship with Money for Better Mental, Emotional, and Financial Well-Being, Author: Aja Evans Pre-Order Now
Title: Cobalt Red: How the Blood of the Congo Powers Our Lives, Author: Siddharth Kara Pre-Order Now
Title: How To Live An Extraordinary Life, Author: Anthony Pompliano Pre-Order Now
Title: You Weren't Supposed To See That: Secrets Every Investor Should Know, Author: Joshua Brown Pre-Order Now
Title: Likeable Badass: How Women Get the Success They Deserve, Author: Alison Fragale Pre-Order Now
Title: Source Code: My Beginnings, Author: Bill Gates Pre-Order Now
Title: Selling Sunshine: Surviving Teenage Motherhood, Thriving in Luxury Real Estate, and Finally Finding My Voice, Author: Mary Bonnet Pre-Order Now
Title: The Power Pause: How to Plan a Career Break After Kids--and Come Back Stronger Than Ever, Author: Neha Ruch Pre-Order Now
Title: Rebel: Find Yourself by Not Following the Crowd, Author: Graham Cochrane Pre-Order Now
Title: LifeStyled: Your Guide to a More Organized & Intentional Life, Author: Shira Gill Pre-Order Now
Title: The Bookshop: A History of the American Bookstore, Author: Evan Friss Pre-Order Now
Title: Rapid Transformation: The Science of Achieving Impossible Goals, Author: Benjamin Hardy Pre-Order Now
Title: Keep Telling Yourself: Shift Your Story and Create a Life of Abundance, Author: Chad Sanschagrin Pre-Order Now
Title: The Devil at His Elbow: Alex Murdaugh and the Fall of a Southern Dynasty, Author: Valerie Bauerlein Pre-Order Now

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