Title: Dinner with DiMaggio: Memories of An American Hero, Author: Rock Positano
Title: Joe and Marilyn: Legends in Love, Author: C. David Heymann
Title: Joe DiMaggio: The Hero's Life, Author: Richard Ben Cramer
Title: Streak: Joe DiMaggio and the Summer of '41, Author: Michael Seidel
Title: Joe DiMaggio: The Long Vigil, Author: Jerome Charyn
Title: The DiMaggios: Three Brothers, Their Passion for Baseball, Their Pursuit of the American Dream, Author: Tom Clavin
Title: 56: Joe DiMaggio and the Last Magic Number in Sports, Author: Kostya Kennedy
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Title: DiMag & Mick: Sibling Rivals, Yankee Blood Brothers, Author: Tony Castro
Title: Strangers in the Bronx: DiMaggio, Mantle, and the Changing of the Yankee Guard, Author: Andrew O'Toole
Title: I Remember Joe Dimaggio: Personal Memories of the Yankee Clipper by the People Who Knew Him Best, Author: David Cataneo
Title: Joe DiMaggio: Baseball's Yankee Clipper, Author: Jack Moore
Title: Joe & Marilyn: A Memory of Love, Author: Roger Kahn
Title: Joe DiMaggio: A Biography, Author: David Jones