Title: The Bay of Pigs: The Leaders' Story of Brigade 2506, Author: Haynes Johnson
Title: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy: A Comprehensive Historical and Legal Bibliography, 1963-1979, Author: Delloyd J. Guth
Title: Exploring the Johnson Years, Author: Robert A. Divine
Title: The Quest for Nuclear Stability: John F. Kennedy and the Soviet Union, Author: Bernard J. Firestone
Title: The Politician: The Life and Times of Lyndon Johnson, Author: Ronnie Dugger
Title: The Path to Power: The Years of Lyndon Johnson, Volume 1, Author: Robert A. Caro
Title: The Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson, Author: Vaughn Davis Bornet
Title: The Presidency of Lyndon B. Johnson, Author: Vaughn Davis Bornet
Title: The Senate Establishment, Author: Bloomsbury Academic
Title: The Kennedy Crises: The Press, the Presidency, and Foreign Policy, Author: Patricia W. Levering
Title: Conversations with Kennedy, Author: Ben Bradlee
Title: Republicans and Vietnam, 1961-1968, Author: Terry Dietz
Title: White House Operations: The Johnson Presidency, Author: Emmette S. Redford
Title: Race, Politics, and Culture: Critical Essays on the Radicalism of the 1960s, Author: Adolph Reed Jr.
Title: Appointment of Judges: The Johnson Presidency, Author: Neil D. McFeeley
Title: The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962: Needless or Necessary?, Author: William Medland
Title: John F. Kennedy: The Promise Revisited, Author: Paul Harper
Title: From Trust to Tragedy: The Political Memoirs of Frederick Nolting, Kennedy's Ambassador to Diem's Vietnam, Author: Lindsay Nolting
Title: Lyndon Baines Johnson and the Uses of Power, Author: Bloomsbury Academic
Title: Kennedy's Quest for Victory: American Foreign Policy, 1961-1963 / Edition 1, Author: Thomas G. Paterson

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