Title: Dune (Book One in the Dune Chronicles), Author: Frank Herbert
Title: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Complete Radio Series, Author: Douglas Adams
Title: Courageous (Lost Fleet Series #3), Author: Jack Campbell
Title: Starhawk, Author: Jack McDevitt
Title: The Word for World Is Forest (Hainish Series), Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
Title: Tarnished Knight (Lost Stars Series #1), Author: Jack Campbell
Title: Firebird (Alex Benedict Series #6), Author: Jack McDevitt
Title: Navigators of Dune (Schools of Dune Series #3), Author: Brian Herbert
Title: Raising Caine (Caine Riordan Series #3), Author: Charles E. Gannon
Title: Eon (Eon Series #1), Author: Greg Bear
Title: The Mote in God's Eye (Mote Series #1), Author: Larry Niven
Title: Dauntless (Lost Fleet Series #1), Author: Jack Campbell
Title: Second Star (Star Svensdotter Series #1), Author: Dana Stabenow
Title: Noise, Author: Hal Clement
Title: Special Deliverance, Author: Clifford Simak
Title: The Shadow of the Torturer (Book of the New Sun Series #1), Author: Gene Wolfe
Title: The Fall of Hyperion (Hyperion Series #2), Author: Dan Simmons
Title: From a Changeling Star, Author: Jeffrey A. Carver
Title: A Thousand Words for Stranger, Author: Julie E. Czerneda
Title: The Ark, Author: Patrick S. Tomlinson

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