Title: Iron Man: The Armor Trap, Author: Greg Cox
Title: New Avengers: Breakout, Author: Alisa Kwitney
Title: Deadpool: Paws, Author: Stefan Petrucha
Title: Untold Tales of Spider-Man, Author: Stan Lee
Title: The X-Men: Dark Mirror, Author: Marjorie M. Liu Pre-Order Now
Title: 30 Days of Night, Author: Steve Niles
Title: The Refrigerator Monologues, Author: Catherynne M. Valente
Title: Spider-Man: The Octopus Agenda, Author: Diane Duane
Title: Wolverine: Lifeblood, Author: Hugh Matthews Pre-Order Now
Title: Hellboy: The Bones of Giants, Author: Christopher Golden
Title: Iron Man: Femmes Fatales, Author: Robert Greenberger
Title: Avengers: Infinity, Author: James A. Moore
Title: The Ultimate X-Men, Author: Stan Lee
Title: Ant-Man: Natural Enemy, Author: Jason Starr
Title: X-Men: Codename Wolverine, Author: Christopher Golden
Title: Spider-Man: Forever Young, Author: Stefan Petrucha
Title: The Incredible Hulk: What Savage Beast, Author: Peter David
Title: Iron Man: Virus, Author: Alex Irvine
Title: Spider-Man: Carnage in New York, Author: David Michelinie
Title: Iron Man: Operation A.I.M., Author: Greg Cox

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