Title: We Shall Not Sleep, Author: Anne Perry
Title: The Alice Network, Author: Kate Quinn
Title: Lost Roses, Author: Martha Hall Kelly
Title: A Good Woman, Author: Danielle Steel
Title: The African Queen, Author: C. S. Forester
Title: Angels in the Gloom, Author: Anne Perry
Title: Regeneration, Author: Pat Barker
Title: A Bend in the Stars, Author: Rachel Barenbaum
Title: Stella Bain, Author: Anita Shreve
Title: Jessica, Author: Bryce Courtenay
Title: The Eye in the Door, Author: Pat Barker
Title: The Winter Soldier, Author: Daniel Mason
Title: Nick, Author: Michael Farris Smith
Title: The Burning Shore (Courtney Series #4 / Burning Shore Sequence #1), Author: Wilbur Smith
Title: Only Time Will Tell (Clifton Chronicles Series #1), Author: Jeffrey Archer
Title: The Daughters of Mars, Author: Thomas Keneally
Title: Deafening: A Novel, Author: Frances Itani
Title: The Ghost Road, Author: Pat Barker
Title: The Desert of Wheat, Author: Zane Grey
Title: Assegai (Courtney Series #12 / Assegai Sequence #1), Author: Wilbur Smith

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