Title: The Coin Counting Book, Author: Rozanne Lanczak Williams
Title: The Penny Pot: Counting Coins (MathStart 3 Series), Author: Stuart J. Murphy
Title: Star Darlings: A Wisher's Guide to Starland, Author: Disney Books
Title: NERF: Ultimate Blaster Book, Author: Nathaniel Marunas
Title: LEGO Star Wars: Chronicles of the Force, Author: Adam Bray
Title: Everything Elephants: A Collector's Pictorial Encyclopedia, Author: Michael Don Knapik
Title: The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus, Author: L. Frank Baum
Title: It's a Snap!: George Eastman's First Photo, Author: Monica Kulling
Title: Length for Second Graders, Author: Greg Sherman
Title: Barbie Doll Designs, Girls' Fashions and Mattel, Inc., History, Author: Robert Grey Reynolds Jr
Title: 10 Fascinating Facts About Toys (Rookie Star: Fact Finder), Author: Jessica Cohn
Title: MISS MUFFET'S CHRISTMAS PARTY, Author: Samuel M. Crothers
Title: Barbie, Author: Sara Green
Title: Operations for Second Graders, Author: Greg Sherman
Title: Disney Infinity: Infinite Possibilities, Author: Disney Books
Title: 1 to 10 and Back Again: A Getty Museum Counting Book, Author: J Paul Getty Museum
Title: Graphs for Second Graders, Author: Greg Sherman
Title: Mother Stories from the New Testament: A Book of the Best Stories from the New Testament that Mothers can tell their Children, Author: Anonymous